We are happy to offer walk-in medical visits at our office during the following times:

Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.  Р8:00 a.m. Р9:00 a.m.

Monday thru Friday Р4:00 p.m. Р5:00 p.m.

Remember: Thursday AM – No Walk-in Hours


Walk-in visits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are intended for brief focused problems only (earaches, sore throats, fevers, etc.) because chronic or more serious issues will usually require more time and staff. We have little control over waiting time as it depends on the nature of the problems and the number of patients arriving that morning. The receptionist can give you a rough estimate of waiting time on request. If more convenient, you can always make a scheduled sick appointment for later in the day. On days with excessive demand, we occasionally have to end morning walk-in visits before 9:00 a.m. in order to have physicians available for scheduled appointments. In this event, and if appropriate, we will be happy to make an appointment for your child later in the day.


  • Established patients only (new patients should make an appointment to be seen)
  • We request that you limit the visits to acute problems.
  • Newborns and young infants should be seen during scheduled hours to minimize contacts.
  • Please reserve use of the “physical exam” waiting room for routine checkups.
  • We have a limited secretarial and nursing staff during morning walk-in, so please try to do office business after 9 when the full staff is in.


  • Many children have allergies to certain foods.
  • Small pieces left behind can present a choking hazard to little ones putting everything in their mouths.
  • Garbage and spillage make our rooms dirty and unappealing to the next patient.


Please visit this website for up to the minute announcements about office and walk-in visit hours during inclement weather.